Kevin and Maria Noyes to serve on DM’s “Mason-Dixon” campus team

Kevin & Maria Noyes

Kevin & Maria Noyes

We are pleased to announce that Kevin and Maria Noyes will join DiscipleMakers’ campus team ministering at Gettysburg College, Dickinson College, and Shippensburg University.

This transition is the fulfillment of a hope Kevin and Maria have had for some time. For as long as they’ve been married, they’ve had different roles in DiscipleMakers: Kevin has served primarily in DiscipleMakers’ headquarters in State College while Maria has served primarily on campus at Penn State. In addition to their  desire to serve together, Kevin wanted to be more personally involved in making disciples on campus. But in the same way that Maria has been a key member of our ministry team at Penn State, Kevin has been a core member of the headquarters team. In fact, given his extensive skill set, for some time there was simply no one to replace him.

Kevin and Maria responded in faith to this predicament. Far from insisting upon Kevin’s being transferred to campus, they spearheaded a campaign to recruit new missionaries to serve in the headquarters. This included Kevin’s personally visiting campus fellowships all over Pennsylvania in the fall of 2016 to recruit headquarters interns. Maria’s ministry on campus served this end as well, with one highlight being her ministry to Kaitlyn Moore (who recently joined the headquarters team) when she was a student at Penn State. Overall, their efforts contributed to an encouraging result: five new staff have joined the headquarters in the past year, with two more on their way.

As much as they’ve looked forward to this transition, Kevin and Maria feel it as bittersweet as they consider their cherished friends among the students and staff in State College. Please pray that God would help them to finish strong in their ministries at Penn State and in the headquarters. Please pray too that God would lead them to a favorable housing situation in Gettysburg (they hope to move later this spring), and that He would aid them in connecting with students at Gettysburg, Dickinson, and Shippensburg.