From teaching, evangelism, leading Bible studies, and discipleship to using their administrative skills, DiscipleMakers staff are passionate about the work God has called them to: ministering to college students!

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Student Ministry

Students from all our campuses attend DiscipleMakers conferences and other ministry events to grow in wisdom and deepen their relationships with the Lord. Our Student Conference fund helps us reach more students by reducing the event costs of conferences for all students. Additionally, our Scholarship funds reduce the event costs for students from specific campuses, and provide funds for other resources/needs these campuses may have.

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Learn more about the impact of DiscipleMakers conferences and our initiative to lower conference costs for students.


General Fund: 
Everyday costs of running the ministry.

25 by '25 Fund:
Help DiscipleMakers reach new campuses with the gospel!

Two-month summer program to train students as campus or headquarters missionaries.