Kaitlyn Moore has reached her ministry funding goal!

Kaitlyn Moore

Kaitlyn Moore

We're praising God today that Kaitlyn Moore has reached her ministry funding goal! Over the past eight months, God has brought together a team of partners whose giving fully supports Kaitlyn's ministry with DiscipleMakers.

Like most missionaries who raise support for their ministries, Kaitlyn encountered some challenges along the way. She got off to a fast start, but then her progress slowed. “It's amazing to see how much God has stretched me,” Kaitlyn said. “Something I think about is how much control I don't have—and how much control He has."

As of the beginning of December, Kaitlyn had just reached the 70% mark toward her goal. She was working diligently, but she knew that at her present rate it would be many months before she reached her goal. However, in faith that God is in control, Kaitlyn prayed that God would provide for her to reach her goal in far less time than that: by the beginning of February.

“It really stretched me in trusting that He is sovereign over my life,” Kaitlyn said, “and if He wants me to be in a certain place He will make that happen."

God did make it happen. Starting the second week in January, he provided a full third of Kaitlyn's overall funding goal in just five weeks! This timing will allow Kaitlyn to begin her work in the Event Planning Department of DiscipleMakers' headquarters in time to make a meaningful contribution to the busy spring event season.

Please praise God with us for His power and faithfulness in providing for another laborer for His harvest!