Carolyn Kirsch will serve on the Lehigh Valley Campus Team!

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We're happy to report that Carolyn Kirsch will serve on the Lehigh Valley campus team when she reaches her ministry funding goal!

Carolyn is progressing well in her fundraising so far, and is now just over halfway to her ministry funding goal! Please pray for her as she works hard to raise the remaining funds she needs for her ministry with DiscipleMakers.



Chris Ebersole will serve on the Susquehanna Valley campus team!

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We're happy to report that Chris Ebersole will serve on the Susquehanna Valley campus team when he reaches his ministry funding goal!

“I’m excited to serve on a new team with some familiar faces, and see the Lord work in powerful ways!” said Chris.

Chris is progressing well in his fundraising so far, and is now just over halfway to his ministry funding goal! Please pray for him as he works hard to raise the remaining funds he needs for his ministry with DiscipleMakers.

Tim Carroll has joined our staff team!

Tim Carroll has joined DiscipleMakers! He has been serving as a student leader in our ministry at Lafayette College for the past few years. He also served as a summer intern with DM in 2018.

“I am so excited to begin serving with DiscipleMakers,” Tim said. “Through my time at Lafayette College, God really used DM to bring me closer to Him, and I can't be happier to have the opportunity to serve Him and point others to how awesome He is!”

Praise God for raising up Tim to serve on our staff team, and pray for him as he finishes up his time at Lafayette in May, 2019. Also pray for him as he begins the journey of raising support full–time for his ministry with DM this summer.


Welcome Maggie Walburn to our staff team!

Maggie Walburn has joined DiscipleMakers! Maggie has served as a student leader in the DiscipleMakers Christian Fellowship at Cedar Crest College. She also served as a summer intern with DM in 2018.

“It is such an honor to have this opportunity to serve the Lord through DiscipleMakers!” Maggie said.

Praise God for raising up Maggie to serve on our staff team! She expects to graduate from Cedar Crest in May, after which she will embark upon raising support for her ministry with DM.

Caleb and Kaylah Olshefsky have reached their ministry funding goal!

Caleb and Kaylah Olshefsky

Caleb and Kaylah Olshefsky

Caleb and Kaylah Olshefsky have reached their ministry funding goal! Reaching this milestone allows Caleb to step back into his role in DiscipleMakers’ headquarters just in time to help with preparations for our upcoming Fall Conference. Not to mention the arrival of their son, whom they expect later this fall!

“We’re so thankful for the Lord providing for our needs! He was faithful in the ups and downs of our support raising season,” Caleb said. “Now, we are eager to get back to work in DiscipleMakers’ Headquarters! Thanks so much to everyone who is praying for and supporting our ministry with DiscipleMakers!”

Praise God with us for His provision for Caleb and Kaylah’s ministry!

DiscipleMakers qualifies for Best Christian Workplaces award


DiscipleMakers recently earned the Best Christian Workplaces award from the Best Christian Workplace Institute (BCWI). Using data gathered through employee surveys, BCWI assesses areas such as an organization’s integrity, transparency, compassion, and trust.

This award reflects DiscipleMakers’ Laborers core value, which states that the organization’s most valued resource is its missionaries.

BCWI’s mission is to “equip and inspire Christian leaders to build a flourishing workplace.” They believe Christian workplaces should be the best and most effective places of employment in the world.

“We want to encourage you and all your team to press on,” said Al Lopus, president of BCWI. “You are a witness to the world for Christ, not only in teaching and ministry, but also in how you serve and respect each other in a Christ-like manner.”

We invite you to be a part of making disciples on college campuses as we attempt to reach 25 campuses with disciple-making staff by 2025. Find out more at

Taylor Kauffman has reached her support goal!

Taylor Kauffman

Taylor Kauffman

Taylor Kauffman has achieved her fundraising goal and will serve full time with DiscipleMakers on Penn State’s campus!

Taylor is eager to step onto campus now that she has reached this fundraising milestone. “God has given me a heart for college students and younger people, and DiscipleMakers just seems like the most effective place to minister,” said Taylor. “Seeing college students change as they study the Bible is exciting!”

Despite Taylor’s current excitement, she experienced a painfully slow start to her fundraising journey. The lull in funds lasted through April of this year, which left her feeling confused and discouraged. At the end of the month, Taylor spent a week with the Lord, praying and searching the Scriptures for answers. She meditated on passages like Romans 8 and Psalm 34. “I was wrestling with the Lord, like Jacob until the Lord blessed him,” Taylor said.

In just four days following her week of pleading with the Lord, God provided $1,000 of monthly support. He continued to supply the remaining amount of funds during Taylor’s last couple months of fundraising.

Taylor said she learned a lot about the Lord’s kindness toward humanity through raising funds. “The Bible says that the Lord’s kindness leads us to repentance. I had to repent of the mindset that I could do this all by myself. God’s kindness led me back to Him and helped me cry, ‘Abba, Father’—He is our Father, and He desires that relationship with us,” Taylor said.

Taylor’s experience with support raising has also impacted her ministry. She said that she has become more joyful and passionate about meeting people because God showed her, through support raising, that He is in charge of every situation and interaction.

As Taylor transitions to Penn State’s campus, she is specifically passionate about reaching internationals, as well as the marginalized and forgotten. As a Spanish major who recently graduated from Lebanon Valley College, she hopes to lead a Bible study for Hispanic students.

Praise God that He has cultivated within Taylor an increased passion to proclaim His name to all nations. Pray for Taylor’s continued reliance on the Lord and that what she learned about God’s kindness will aid her as she shares the gospel at Penn State!



DiscipleMakers receives sixth consecutive highest rating from Charity Navigator

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DiscipleMakers earned its sixth consecutive 4-star rating from Charity Navigator, the largest and most-utilized independent charity evaluator. 4-stars is the highest rating Charity Navigator awards.

“Based on its 4-star rating, people can trust that their donations are going to a financially responsible and ethical charity when they decide to support DiscipleMakers,” said Michael Thatcher, Charity Navigator President and CEO.

Charity Navigator has awarded at least 6 consecutive 4-star evaluations to only 6% of the charities it evaluates. “DiscipleMakers outperforms most other charities in America. This designation sets DiscipleMakers apart from its peers and demonstrates to the public its trustworthiness,” said Thatcher.

“We have been entrusted with these resources from the Lord for the good of his people, so it’s only appropriate we be forthcoming as stewards,” said DiscipleMakers president Peter Krol. “Transparency is a useful habit to help us endure as honest and faithful stewards.”

DiscipleMakers’ rating and other information about charitable giving are available on Charity Navigator’s website.


Welcome Mackenzie Weaver to our staff team!

Mackenzie Weaver

Mackenzie Weaver

Mackenzie Weaver has accepted a position with DiscipleMakers! She recently graduated from Shippensburg University, where she has been involved with DM as student for several years. Mackenzie also served as a summer intern with DM in 2017.

“After being impacted by the gospel as a student, it just made sense for me to want to spend my career having the same impact on other people," Mackenzie said. “I especially learned how to be vulnerable and open in Christian community as a student, and I want the next generation to learn the value of that. As an intern, I saw DM staff valued the same thing, so both of those experiences prompted me to join."

Praise God with us, and pray for Mackenzie as she begins raising support full–time this summer for her ministry with DM.




Rebecca Lauver has joined our staff team!

Rebecca Lauver

Rebecca Lauver

Rebecca Lauver has joined DiscipleMakers! She will soon graduate from Bloomsburg University, where she got involved with DM as student in January of 2017. Rebecca also served as an intern with DM this past winter.

“One of the first things I appreciated as a student with DM was the focus on discipleship," Rebecca recalled. “The focus specifically on one-to-one interactions had a big impact on me. Previously, I had mostly experienced discipleship in group scenarios, so going deeper with someone who really cared was exciting. In joining staff, I want to continue to build those deep relationships with other staff and students."

Praise God for another laborer, and pray for Rebecca as she begins the journey of raising support full–time this summer for her ministry with DM.