Felicia Gater has reached her ministry funding goal!

Felicia Gater

Felicia Gater

We're pleased to announce that Felicia Gater has reached her ministry funding goal and will now begin her new ministry assignment: serving in the Development Department in DiscipleMakers' headquarters.

“I'm thrilled to move on to Development and help care for the new missionaries who will soon be embarking on their own support-raising journeys," Felicia said. “The Lord has been so faithful to provide, and I can't wait to begin this new work!"

Since Felicia will help train and equip our newest staff, God's provision for her shows His provision for the growth of our entire ministry. Praise the Lord with us!

Cassie Wells has reached her ministry funding goal!

Cassie Wells

Cassie Wells

Praise the Lord! Cassie Wells has reached her ministry funding goal and will now begin her new ministry assignment: working full-time on campus with the Lehigh Valley West Team, especially Kutztown University.

“The Lord taught me so much through fundraising." said Cassie. “It's been a humbling experience to see Him provide over the last 18 months, and so I'm all the more excited to see how He will continue to provide on campus."

Pray for Cassie in this new season. She moved to the Lehigh Valley about a month ago and will be preparing to welcome the students back on campus for the spring semester in January.

Steph Hartman has reached her ministry funding goal!

Steph Hartman

Steph Hartman

Praise God! Steph Hartman has reached her ministry funding goal and will shortly begin her next ministry assignment: working full-time on campus with the Susquehanna Valley Team!

“I'm looking forward to leading Bible studies at Bucknell and Bloomsburg and helping to disciple students," Steph said. “I'm also excited to help train the students involved on the worship team in any way I can!"

Pray for Steph during the transitional period. She'll be moving into an apartment in early January, with the new semester beginning shortly after.


Mark Campbell has joined the DiscipleMakers staff team!

Mark Campbell

Mark Campbell

Mark Campbell has accepted a position on DiscipleMakers’ staff team! Mark has been involved with DM at Kutztown University and came to understand the greatness of the gospel through the ministry. Mark also served as an intern with DM this past May.

“Through DiscipleMakers, God powerfully saved my life," Mark said. “I am so excited to be a part of what God is doing in the lives of college students!"

Praise God with us, and pray for Mark as he finishes up his senior year and begins raising support for his ministry with DiscipleMakers in May.

Carolyn Kirsch has joined the DiscipleMakers staff team!

Carolyn Kirsch

Carolyn Kirsch

Praise God! Carolyn Kirsch has joined staff with DiscipleMakers. Currently a senior at Gettysburg College, Carolyn serves on the student fellowship's leadership team and co-leads a regular Bible study on campus. 

“The Lord has grown me so much through the faithful work of DiscipleMakers," Carolyn said, “and I'm so  excited to be sharing the good news of Christ with college students as a part of this ministry!"

After graduating this coming May, Carolyn will transition to full-time fundrasing. Please pray for Carolyn during her upcoming final semester and especially as she begins to raise funds for her ministry with DM!

James Osinski will join the Lehigh Valley West Team!

osinski 4x5.jpg

James Osinski

Praise God! James Osinski has just passed the 50% mark in his fundraising for his ministry with DiscipleMakers and has been given his placement. James will be serving on the Lehigh Valley West team, which reaches Kutztown University and Muhlenburg College.

“I’ve been learning just how much God is the one driving the results," James said. “I could do all the right things, but God has something to teach me, so he’ll time my progress the way he wants. My job is simply to pray, discern, and keep working. I’m excited to apply this lesson to campus, because the same principle applies.”

Pray for James, that he would persevere towards his ministry funding goal and his next ministry assignment in the Lehigh Valley. 

Felicia Gater will join the Development Team!

felicia 4x5.jpg

Felicia Gater

Felicia Gater will join DiscipleMakers' Development team when she reaches her ministry funding goal. (The Development team advances DM's mission by selecting and onboarding outstanding missionaries, providing excellent support-raising training, and raising organizational support for ministry expansion.)

“As I’ve been raising support, God has been teaching me that I may be limited by myself or others—but God is not," Felicia said. “And I have learned to trust in God’s goodness and faithfulness even when I don’t like what He is doing. One reason I am excited to join the Development team is that it will give me the opportunity to care for our newest staff members by helping to root them in Scripture and the character of the Lord.”

Praise God for drawing Felicia to such a crucial department of our ministry, and pray for her as she continues to raise support. She is currently at about 45% of her monthly goal and eager to begin in Development once she reaches 100%! 

Mike Kreider will join the Mason-Dixon Team!


Mike Kreider

Mike Kreider will join the Mason-Dixon campus team when he reaches 100% of his ministry fundraising goal. The Mason-Dixon team serves Gettysburg College, Shippensburg University, and Dickinson College.

Upon hearing news of his placement, Mike said, “One thing the Lord has been teaching me through support raising has been that true joy comes from knowing Christ and getting on board with His sovereign work. I’m excited to build relationships and serve with the Mason-Dixon team, and I can’t wait to begin working with the students!”

Currently, Mike is at 62% of his monthly support goal. Would you pray for his continued support raising effort as he seeks to move on to his next ministry assignment on the Mason-Dixon team?

Kaitlyn Moore will join the Event Planning Department!

Kaitlyn Moore

Kaitlyn Moore

We're happy to announce that, upon reaching 100% of her fundraising goal, Kaitlyn Moore will join the Event Planning Department in DiscipleMakers' headquarters.

“God truly deserves all the glory for all that He has done in my support raising so far," Kaitlyn said. “I am thanking Him for His amazing grace in the gospel and for how this grace overflows into our lives in all sorts of ways, even in ways we may not expect. What a privilege it will be to help organize events to help college students see this grace in the Scriptures, know it more in their lives, and be moved to proclaim it to others!"

Kaitlyn is presently just over halfway to her goal. Would you pray for her as she works diligently to move on to her next ministry assignment in the DM headquarters?