TJ Renninger has reached his ministry funding goal!

TJ Renninger

TJ Renninger

We are happy to report that TJ Renninger has just reached his ministry funding goal! Over months of full-time fundraising, the Lord has connected TJ with a team of supporters eager to be a part of God's work on Pennsylvania campuses. Their faithful giving fully supports TJ's ministry with DiscipleMakers.

TJ's 15 month support-raising journey began in November 2016. After successfully building up a small team, TJ reached the halfway point, but his progress was soon stunted. “I started to run out of people I knew, and I hadn't networked very well. I realized the need to put myself in more uncomfortable situations to meet new people. I didn't want to do that because I didn't realize just how much I needed help." 

This connected in clear ways to TJ's relationship with the Lord. “I wasn't much for praying before this milestone in support raising. Through my mentor, prayer, and the Bible, the Lord began to show me that I was bringing a lot of pride in my work. Learning to cry out to God showed me how good it is to trust Him."

In his great mercy, the Lord slowly and surely grew TJ. It was a humbling experience that has taught him much. “A lot of my pride has been torn down" concluded TJ. “This is essential if I'm going to work well in a team environment."

As TJ prepares for his new ministry assignment, he is planning to move to State College on Sunday and start in the DM headquarters shortly after. TJ will bring with him a wealth of knowledge in the field of information technology, but even more so, he will bring a newfound humility that will further his knowledge and love for the Lord.

God has given DiscipleMakers a valuable laborer in TJ, and we are grateful for His provision as we continue to make disciples of all nations.