When Bill and Bonnie Dripps formed DiscipleMakers in 1981, all they intended was to provide some structure for their own part-time ministry to students at Penn State University. They didn't know what God would do, but they did know that they had an opportunity to invest their time in making disciples of Christ among college students. The Lord has multiplied their efforts many times over, and today there are over 1,000 students involved in DiscipleMakers fellowships on more than a dozen campuses.

Highlights along the way:

  • 1981: DiscipleMakers incorporated as a non-profit organization
  • 1993: Bill Dripps quits his day job to serve on campus full time
  • 1990s: Several more campus missionaries join, beginning DM's expansion beyond Penn State
  • 2002: DM writes down its Core Values, capturing the principles that animate the ministry
  • 2015: Serving on 11 campuses at the time, DM sets a goal to reach 25 campuses with disciple-making staff by 2025
  • 2018: DiscipleMakers has 14 campus fellowships that are well-established and several more in earlier stages, with over 1,000 students involved in all

Bill and Bonnie Dripps describe the early days of DiscipleMakers.