Mike Kreider has reached his ministry funding goal!


Mike Kreider

We are grateful to God to announce that Mike Kreider has reached his ministry fundraising goal!

While every one of our new missionaries is urgently needed in the field, in Mike's case the need was particularly striking. The team to which he had been assigned, our “Mason-Dixon” team, had seen several missionaries depart over the past year. There was a clear need for more help, and a corresponding hope that Mike would arrive quickly.

But the work of recruiting a network of financial partners always has its challenges.  “There were times when God's direction in my support raising didn't make sense to me,” Mike said. “There was one particular moment in early– to mid–December. Progress had been slow for a few weeks, and I knew the new semester would start in a month. It just felt like it would never come together.”

While wrestling with this discouragement, Mike read in 1 Chronicles 29 about how God's people gave joyfully for the work of the Temple. He realized his focus had slipped from what God was doing to his own desires. “The Lord brought me around a corner," Mike said. “It jump-started my vision for support raising."

Attaining this milestone clears the way for Mike to join the Mason-Dixon team (which ministers at Gettysburg College, Shippensburg University, and Dickinson College). Praise God for His provision for Mike, and please pray for Mike as he transitions into his new role.