Life as a Headquarters Intern

Are you passionate about making disciples? Have you ever wondered what goes on behind the scenes of DiscipleMakers? Has God given you gifts and abilities in finance, accounting, law, marketing, technology, graphic design, writing, or organizing? Did you know that there are opportunities to use your gifts to strategically build God’s Kingdom in full-time ministry?

Interning in the DiscipleMakers Headquarters is a great way to utilize those gifts, see God at work, and participate in strategic ministry to college students!

Life as a DiscipleMakers Headquarters Intern

  • Gospel-Saturated Community: Each Headquarters intern will live with fellow DiscipleMakers interns so they can get to know each other quickly and intimately. This community will be a tremendous source of encouragement and growth in Christ. You will also work alongside Campus Interns, participating in team meetings, aiding them in evangelistic Bible studies, and helping with weekly fellowship meetings.
  • Kingdom Impact: The work you do as an intern with DiscipleMakers will multiply and magnify the work not just of the campus interns, but the work of our entire staff team. As you work, learn, and grow, your gifts will leave a lasting legacy of disciples across every single one of our campuses, in addition to those you connect with more personally at Penn State. When you finish the internship, you’ll leave knowing that you had a share in the work of the very staff who taught and discipled you.
  • Real-World Experience:Throughout the eight-week internship you'll learn about many facets of life in full-time ministry while getting valuable business experience. Additionally, in many cases we can work with your adviser to help get you academic credit for your participation in the Internship.
  • Transforming Discipleship:  You will be discipled regularly by one or more DM Staff. They will help you fix your eyes on Jesus and rest in His finished work while you give yourself fully to the work in the Headquarters and aid in reaching students on campus. You will also have the opportunity to disciple and impart life and wisdom to the other interns and students that you meet.
  • Application-Oriented Bible Study:  All DiscipleMakers Headquarters and Campus Interns will meet each week for a two-hour, in-depth bible study. The expectation is that you will spend at least 3 hours studying the passage ahead of time, so this preparation will be a part of your regular weekly schedule in the Headquarters. By the end of the summer, as you head back to your campus, we hope you will have grown significantly in your ability to accurately handle the Word of Truth.
  • Tight Teamship:  Christians work together as a body. The corporate world often works in teams. In our internship, we will work closely together as a team—a picture of the body—to encourage one another in our ministry, plan events together, and learn how to lead. Each week we will have team meetings to learn how to work effectively for Christ's Kingdom.

A Window Into Life as a DiscipleMakers Staff

A secondary purpose of the internship is to provide insight as to what serving in the DiscipleMakers HQ is like. You will be given the opportunity and challenge of balancing the responsibilities of your work in the HQ while ministering to students. It is not like any other job or internship out there, because you won’t just be serving a company—it is a lifestyle of living for Jesus. As an intern, you will do many of the same things our HQ staff do regularly:

  • Take part in meetings to help us plan and coordinate how we can multiply the work of our staff, and thus make more and more disciples
  • Grow in the Lord through developing goals, being discipled individually, and participating in team meetings
  • Participate with the ministry happening on campus and attend fellowship events
  • Disciple students and peers even while you are being discipled
  • Learn how to live out the gospel in the workplace and to work strategically and faithfully as a testimony to Christ 
  • Raise support for your ministry and communicate with your donors