Life as a Campus Intern

Do you ever wish you could do more ministry on campus, only to find that your school responsibilities consume most of your time? The DiscipleMakers Campus Internship gives you that opportunity! You will do ministry without the responsibilities of a student. You will experience life as a DiscipleMakers staff worker. You will have the opportunity to be radically changed by Jesus and be used for His Kingdom.

Life as a DiscipleMakers Campus Intern

  • Gospel-Saturated Community: Summer Campus Interns will live together in the same apartment complex, enabling all involved with the internship to get to know each other quickly and intimately. This community will be a tremendous source of encouragement and growth in Christ. We will inevitably sin against each other. Our weaknesses and failures will be easy for others to see. However, we will build a community so saturated with the gospel that when sin and failures surface, it will become an opportunity to care for one another by pointing each other to God's amazing grace.

  • Lifestyle Evangelism: One of the major components of the Summer Campus Internship is reaching out to Penn State students. Opportunities abound to meet students in the apartment complex and on campus. We will reach out to those who don't know the Lord and start evangelistic Bible studies. As you focus significant time on evangelism without the responsibilities you normally have as a student, you will be amazed at how the Lord will grow you, both in faith and in your ability to reach out in a way that is culturally relevant, yet uncompromising.

  • Transforming Discipleship: As an intern, you will be discipled regularly by one or more DM Staff. With their gentle encouragement, grace, and biblical wisdom, the Lord will use them to encourage you as they preach the gospel and lovingly speak truth into your life, helping you change from the inside out. You will also have the opportunity to disciple and impart life and wisdom to the other interns and students that you meet.

  • Teaching/Preaching Opportunities: Knowing that God uses the preaching of His Word to change lives, many of the interns will get a chance to teach or preach in a large-group setting. This is both an exciting and intimidating experience. We will give you helpful instruction and opportunities to practice so that God can make you an effective communicator and tool in His hands.

  • Application-Oriented Bible Study: If you become a part of the DiscipleMakers Summer Internship, be prepared for what may be the most in-depth Bible study you have ever experienced. We will meet each week for a two-hour Bible study, and we'll expect each intern to spend at least 3 hours studying the passage ahead of time. By the end of the summer, as you head back to your campus, you will have grown significantly in your ability to accurately handle the Word of Truth.

  • Tight Teamship: Christians work together as a body. The corporate world often works in teams. During our internship, we will work closely together as a team—a picture of the body—to encourage one another in our ministry, plan events together, and learn how to lead. Each week we will have team meetings to learn how to work effectively for Christ's Kingdom.

A Window Into Life as a DiscipleMakers Staff

A secondary purpose of the internship is to provide you with insight as to what life is like as a DiscipleMakers staff worker, so that you can determine whether the Lord may be leading you to join DiscipleMakers. As an intern, you will do many of the same things our staff do on a regular basis:

  • Reach out to unbelievers on campus and start evangelistic Bible studies

  • Study the Scriptures on your own to further develop your understanding of the Bible as well as your skills in handling it accurately

  • Plan and execute large-group meetings

  • Disciple students and peers

  • Develop goals for personal spiritual growth and evaluate them at regular intervals

  • Raise support for your ministry