In 2015, we asked God to enable us to reach 25 campuses by 2025. And now that we’re a year into that goal, we sometimes feel conflicted about it.

On the one hand, 25 campuses feels impossible. DiscipleMakers took 33 years to go from 1 campus to 11 campuses. How can we more than double that number in only 10 years?

On the other hand, the number 25 is not glamorous. I heard an interview with a guy who started a campus ministry and expanded to more than 10 campuses in just 5 years. His goal was to hit 100 campuses in the next 5 years.

What’s preventing us from expanding on a similar scale? Our commitment to sending out disciple-making disciples who will change the world. And though 25 campuses is not as glamorous as 100 (or more), you’ll see in the following pages that the slow, step-by-step progress of making disciples for Christ is worth the investment. You’ll read stories of students and alumni who are living and breathing proof that our mission to make disciples of college students is worth it. All the late nights, long weeks, and weekends away from our families; the loss of security and respect we might have had with a “regular job”; the hours spent fundraising; the exhaustion of taking constant initiative with new crops of students who wonder why we’re even on their campus— it’s all worth it.

It’s worth it, because God takes the boys and girls who come in, and he sends them out as men and women who count their lives a small price to pay for the Kingdom of God. They know and teach the Bible, commit to reaching their neighbors, and reproduce themselves within their churches. And as they go forth, they impact the world for the glory of God.

We’re delighted to report that income crossed $4 million this year, and that our team of missionaries has grown to 49 family units. Our conferences are snazzier and better-attended than ever before, drawing more than 400 students this year to receive training in being and making mature disciples of Christ. We could tell of improvements we made in staff training, administrative efficiency, and broader kingdom unity.

But since our chief measure of success is whether we are making disciples of these students, we’ll focus there. We’ll highlight a few examples, but you must know that all our staff have similar stories to tell. And we wouldn’t have these stories to tell were it not for your generous partnership. Thank you for investing in eternity with us.

We don’t mass produce mere churchgoers; we make disciples. And though we can do this only one at a time, the results prove their superiority.

Peter Krol

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