Did you know that our colleges are a battlefield for the heart? As soon as freshman step onto campus, faculty, fellow students, and campus organizations bombard them with messages about what to value, who to prioritize, and how to find fulfillment. New freedoms and opportunities are exhilarating and they blind young men and women to the spiritual battle that has commenced. Unbeknownst to them, their hearts have come under siege. For whatever successfully captures their hearts will control every choice and action they make (Luke 6:45).

DiscipleMakers enters into this power struggle for students’ hearts with the truth that our hearts were made to be captivated by Christ alone. By God’s mercy, the Lord is winning besieged hearts to Himself by the good news of the gospel and the word of God. Through the slow and steady work of teaching students the gospel of God’s forgiveness for sinners; the need and skills for good Bible Study; and how to share Christ with others we are raising up students as disciples. As they grow into mature disciples and are committed to making disciples themselves, the next generation is transformed by God even on the secular college campus. We’ve seen hundreds of students go from godlessness to life on mission for Christ during their time with us.

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God has enabled DiscipleMakers to reach many campuses for Christ, but there are still so many universities where this war for the heart of the next generation continues unchecked. Therefore, DiscipleMakers plans to double the number of campuses we minister on over the next nine years without sacrificing the quality teaching and discipling of our students. We call this goal the "25 by '25" goal as we hope to minister and raise up disciples on at least twenty five campus by the year 2025. Meeting this goal will require great provision from the Lord because we will need more staff and more ministry partners. You are one of these key ministry partners, continuing to have a critical role in our mission of making disciples. You are an answer to our prayers! Please pray for God to provide more faithful staff to reach these new colleges and universities, meeting this pressing need of reaching the next generation. Pray for the Lord to break the hold that the culture and campus have on these young hearts and to raise up disciples by the power and good news of Jesus! Thank you for your prayers and support and for entering this battlefield for the heart alongside us. Through your partnership we are reaching the campus and reaching the world.