James Osinski has reached his support goal!

James Osinski

James Osinski

We are happy to announce that James Osinski has reached his funding goal for his ministry with DiscipleMakers!

James' fundraising journey challenged him to step into the unknown. “My whole life – even through college – had been built around taking the safe route," James said. “So putting myself through the mission of support raising seemed to me to be a great risk."

God used a conversation with a prospective donor as a pivotal moment of encouragement along the way. “[The donor] cried when I told him what I was doing," James said. “Reaching out to the next generation with the gospel was something dear to his heart as well. We both realized, despite our different career paths, that we were on the same mission."

That mindset – knowing the mission was worth the risk – helped James persevere. Even more, he saw the Lord as the one constant in the midst of all the unknowns around him. “Knowing that the Lord was with me the whole time taught me a lesson I'll never forget."

James now looks to his next assignment, serving with DiscipleMakers' Lehigh Valley West Team. In a few weeks, he'll be moving into an apartment in Allentown to prepare for his ministry either at Kutztown University or Muhlenberg College. Pray for James as he continues to lean on the Lord, and praise God for leading him to this milestone!