Kate Wetzel has reached her support goal!

Kate Wetzel

Kate Wetzel

We are happy to report that Kate Wetzel has finished her full-time fundraising! Over the past ten months, Kate has been working hard, meeting with hundreds of people and casting vision for a ministry that she is excited to be a part of.

The process proved to be a real learning experience. “I realized how much the Lord brings the results," said Kate. “When the first few months of support raising were slow, I was easily frustrated. But the second half flew by, and I started to branch out into so many new networks, the Lord showed me how much He was going ahead of me and helping me meet the right people.”

Now, Kate is packing and preparing to move to State College, where she will serve as part of the Headquarters team.  “I’m excited for my assignment in the HQ," Kate said. “I can use a lot of my experience to serve in a variety of departments. I get to care for the staff and donors that support all of our campus outreach efforts.” 

Praise God for His faithfulness in helping Kate persevere and reach her support goal! Please pray for her over the next two weeks as she moves and begins her work in the Headquarters.