Taylor Kauffman has reached her support goal!

Taylor Kauffman

Taylor Kauffman

Taylor Kauffman has achieved her fundraising goal and will serve full time with DiscipleMakers on Penn State’s campus!

Taylor is eager to step onto campus now that she has reached this fundraising milestone. “God has given me a heart for college students and younger people, and DiscipleMakers just seems like the most effective place to minister,” said Taylor. “Seeing college students change as they study the Bible is exciting!”

Despite Taylor’s current excitement, she experienced a painfully slow start to her fundraising journey. The lull in funds lasted through April of this year, which left her feeling confused and discouraged. At the end of the month, Taylor spent a week with the Lord, praying and searching the Scriptures for answers. She meditated on passages like Romans 8 and Psalm 34. “I was wrestling with the Lord, like Jacob until the Lord blessed him,” Taylor said.

In just four days following her week of pleading with the Lord, God provided $1,000 of monthly support. He continued to supply the remaining amount of funds during Taylor’s last couple months of fundraising.

Taylor said she learned a lot about the Lord’s kindness toward humanity through raising funds. “The Bible says that the Lord’s kindness leads us to repentance. I had to repent of the mindset that I could do this all by myself. God’s kindness led me back to Him and helped me cry, ‘Abba, Father’—He is our Father, and He desires that relationship with us,” Taylor said.

Taylor’s experience with support raising has also impacted her ministry. She said that she has become more joyful and passionate about meeting people because God showed her, through support raising, that He is in charge of every situation and interaction.

As Taylor transitions to Penn State’s campus, she is specifically passionate about reaching internationals, as well as the marginalized and forgotten. As a Spanish major who recently graduated from Lebanon Valley College, she hopes to lead a Bible study for Hispanic students.

Praise God that He has cultivated within Taylor an increased passion to proclaim His name to all nations. Pray for Taylor’s continued reliance on the Lord and that what she learned about God’s kindness will aid her as she shares the gospel at Penn State!