Matt & Karlyn Geiger

HQ Staff

"What are you passionate about?"  I have been asked this question many times. I can give a long list of things I really enjoy doing.  Yet, I always come back to who Jesus is and the amazing work He has done for me.  While I was still a sinner - His enemy - he saw me, loved me, and gave His life to rescue me.  How could He do so much for me and I not be passionate for him?

This passion for our God is what brought Karlyn & me to DiscipleMakers.  Jesus gave His all for us; we want to give our all to Him.   He is using DiscipleMakers as the perfect place for us to do that.  Through DiscipleMakers we have a unique opportunity to fan this passion in others.  Currently we serve leading a Team of staff; working in Advancing the ministry; and of course we love being on campus sharing Jesus, ministering to students, doing Bible studies and discipling them to know Jesus deeply and proclaim Him boldly.  We our humbled at how our Lord uses us for His glory as we see others grow passionate for Jesus!