Why conferences?

We desire for all students to hear the beauty of the gospel, be challenged in sanctification, and be trained in godliness. DiscipleMakers conferences aim to meet these goals through preaching Scripture, leading workshops that address relevant topics for college students, and encouraging students to rejoice in and praise the Lord for all that He’s done.

DiscipleMakers conferences offer opportunities for students to escape the craziness of college life and invest in Christ-centered relationships, deepening friendships with staff and students they know as well as interacting with staff and students from other campuses. Abundant discipleship opportunities offer students ways to dig into what they’re learning or struggling with from talks, workshops, and life. Many are convicted to bring up struggles that they’ve never voiced before.

As we invite students to examine Jesus Christ and their own hearts, we also call them to look to the ends of the earth. We host representatives from missions agencies, seminaries, and other organizations to provide opportunities for students to serve the Lord in different contexts all over the world. Students often leave these conferences with revived visions for seeking the Lord, challenged hearts to work towards growth & change, and strengthened community to pursue these goals with.

What are the results?

Help them come so they will go.

The Student Conference Fund aims to lower the costs of DiscipleMakers conferences in order to make them more accessible for all students from all socioeconomic backgrounds on each of our campuses. We long for students to richly benefit from the many opportunities our conferences offer without feeling a heavy financial burden.

Would you help?