Brian & Liz Parker

Campus Staff

Liz and I (Brian) were both deeply impacted by the ministry of DiscipleMakers during our time in college. DiscipleMakers helped Liz understand Christ’s finished work of the cross and how it impacted every area of her day-to-day life. For me, God used DiscipleMakers to reveal the depth of my sin, the undeserved grace of a Savior who came to rescue me from it, and the awesome hope and gift of knowing Jesus Christ.

We are now privileged to serve the same God we once rejected by making the riches of His grace known to college students. Our desire is that many college students would be transformed, by the grace of God, from sinners into ambassadors for Christ. In this way, we work to raise and train up more laborers for God’s Kingdom, that Christ would be made known to the ends of the earth!