Board of Directors

The Board of Directors is a team, consisting mostly of volunteers, which meets quarterly to advance the ministry and hold it accountable to its mission and values.

The purpose of the Board, on behalf of its ownership (God, and the stakeholders who are clearly committed to our vision), is to ensure that DiscipleMakers achieves appropriate results for appropriate recipients at an appropriate cost (as specified in Board policies), and avoids unacceptable actions and situations.

If you are interested in finding out more about the Board, please email us at

Meet Our Board

Andrew Ware, Board Chairman

My contact with DiscipleMakers did not occur until late in grad school, but I quickly became impressed by the genuine dedication to discipleship and biblical truth in the staff. I ended up marrying a Muhlenberg grad (Julie Speckhals) who came to Christ through DiscipleMakers and we both love to see what God is continues to do in DiscipleMakers...far beyond what we ask or imagine. I treasure the opportunity to work on the board as a means to support and encourage these dedicated servants of God.

Bob Kuligowski, Secretary

I grew up going to church but didn’t start following Christ with a passion until the spring of 1989 during my freshman year at Penn State. Bill Dripps and several other men took me under their wing and showed me the importance of studying and living God’s Word and of sharing it with others. After more than a decade of undergraduate study, full-time work, and graduate study in State College, I moved to Washington, DC and have been passing on what DiscipleMakers has taught me through discipling men at my church and holding an outreach Bible study for my co-workers. Even though my time at Penn State is long over, the example of the DiscipleMakers Staff continues to impact me.

Shawn Davis

I’ve been very impressed by what I’ve seen in DiscipleMakers. I am drawn to authentic people doing authentic things—I have little patience for dishonest pursuits. What I see in DiscipleMakers is honest pursuit of a worthy goal, an organization doing Christian ministry the right way. This pursuit is spelled out clearly in DM’s Vision, Mission, and Core Values. It’s easy to want to be a part of something like that.

I have a passion for discipleship. To me, discipleship is convincing others to own the truths they learn, to assimilate them into their schema and make them a part of everything they do, with the ultimate goal that they may one day become disciplers themselves. Discipling is not just at the core of many of the things I do, it’s at the core of who I am. So DiscipleMakers is a natural fit for me.

BIll Dripps 2014.jpg

Bill Dripps, President Emeritus

In 1981 my wife Bonnie and I had a thriving ministry with students at Penn State and there were people who wanted to support us financially. We wanted these donations to be tax deductible, so we incorporated DiscipleMakers as a tax-exempt, charitable organization. I hoped and prayed God would use us, but I didn't plan to start a new ministry. Among many people we were the ministry with no name, but the Lord gave us an influence out of proportion to our size.

Today, we still often feel we lack the resources and the knowledge we need, but God continues to provide. The greatest lesson He continues to teach me is the sufficiency of His grace. When you take all I am and have, and you add everyone with DiscipleMakers and all they have, it's just a few small loaves and fish. We put them on the altar knowing they are hopelessly inadequate. That's when He steps in and accomplishes His great work.

Peter Krol, President

I serve with DiscipleMakers for two main reasons: Our mission and our staff team. When we make disciples of college students, we reach the world and transform the future. And we get to pursue this mission with some of the most committed, Christlike, and competent people we know. For these reasons, I've ministered with DiscipleMakers since 1999. I served 10 years on campus (Kutztown, Bucknell, and Bloomsburg Universities) and over 5 years in our headquarters (financial operations, event planning, and staff training) before being appointed president. I am the author of Knowable Word: Helping Ordinary People Learn to Study the Bible, and I blog regularly at

Jeffrey Klenk, Treasurer

What strikes me about DiscipleMakers' vision is the recognition that workers for the harvest are in short supply. I know I shouldn’t be surprised by this, given Jesus’ statement that the harvest is plentiful and the workers are few, but it is still compelling nonetheless. Thus, my enthusiasm for DiscipleMakers stems from its emphasis on encouraging and equipping available laborers to go into potentially hostile environments and reach needy individuals for Christ. I’ve long thought that the best way to reach people for Christ is through individual outreach, and this seems to be the exact method embraced by DiscipleMakers.

Alan Prothe

I am grateful to have the opportunity to be on the Board with DiscipleMakers. As I have participated in Board meetings, attended the student conference in the Fall, and some of the Staff conference in the Summer, I have a sense that God is doing something special with DiscipleMakers. My hope is that the Lord will enable me to be a help to DiscipleMakers because I can be something of a spokesman for the ministry knowing the college years are often very influential in people’s lives. This is not only true in my own life, but also in my wife’s life as well. (My wife went to Bucknell University and was part of the DiscipleMakers group on campus.) One of the ways involvement in campus ministry can be exciting to me is the way the students who are being discipled have their lives ahead of them and can go on to make an impact in the church or perhaps return to the many countries where university students come from as gospel messengers and disciple makers themselves.