Support Raising and Salary

“Let the elders who rule well be considered worthy of double honor, especially those who labor in preaching and teaching. For the Scripture says, ‘You shall not muzzle an ox when it treads out the grain,' and, ‘The laborer deserves his wages.'"  1 Timothy 5:17–19 (ESV)

Support Raising

If God were to provide a donor who gave a billion dollars to DiscipleMakers, we would still require that all our staff raise financial support!

Does this statement shock you? Isn’t receiving money the whole point of support raising? Actually, it’s not—support raising is a critical part of your training as a missionary.  

We have found that a missionary’s time spent raising support helps to equip that person with helpful skills and godly character that are crucial for their ministry. These skills include making plans, communicating vision, relating with people you’ve never met before, listening, asking good questions, taking initiative and sharing the gospel. Raising support for the ministry can also expose weaknesses such as fear of man and laziness. Support raising teaches you to put your trust in the Lord alone, which strengthens your character.

But are there really people out there who want to give their hard-earned dollars to support campus ministry?

Yes! And not only that, but many donors thank our missionaries for the privilege of giving.

We are often told that money for building God's kingdom is limited, but according to the Scriptures, this is not true!  He tells us what is in short supply: workers for the harvest (Matthew 9:37–38). For many years, God has faithfully provided all the financial support our staff have needed to labor for His kingdom and to raise up more laborers. All our staff—from the president to the newest missionary—raise enough support to cover their salary, benefits, ministry expenses, and a small administrative fee.

The world thinks of fundraising as guilting people into offering a dime or maybe a dollar, but God works differently. He gave everything for us and graciously allows us to give our widow's mite for Him. God brings together both missionaries and donors for the purpose of participating in His glorious work.

Are you committed to making disciples? Then share your passion with your donors! They will delight that you are effectively evangelizing and discipling students. They will see that university campuses are strategic locations for changing the world. Often your donors will not only give personally, but will find others to give as well.

Do you want to make disciples of Jesus with all your heart? If so, then join us. Watch God provide. It will not be easy. But it will be worth it.

What if I'm no good at fundraising?

You are in good company. Our staff are not the best fundraisers out there. Because the Lord is the one who raises the funds, success in fundraising is not primarily based on gifting or skills. Rather, the most successful fundraisers are those who trust fully in the Lord's provision and work diligently to allow others the opportunity to give.

That said, skills are important, so we will provide you with biblical training for support raising that has proven effective since Old Testament times. You will be part of a team that will offer support and encouragement, and we will assign you a mentor to walk with you through the process. Together we will help you overcome obstacles and we will rejoice with you at the generosity of God's people!

Salary Amount

DiscipleMakers' salaries have both an upper and a lower limit based on your years of professional ministry experience. We are committed to having our missionaries live out their vision of making disciples without fear of being unable to pay the next bill. In addition, we want to see all our missionaries pay off their debt, give generously, save for their children's college tuition, and plan for their own retirement. No matter how long you’ve been ministering full-time, we are committed to making sure every one of our missionaries is well cared for. (Just ask any of our missionaries about what that care looks like; they’ll be delighted to tell you!)