The DiscipleMakers podcast brings you a selection of talks by DM staff given at conferences and other ministry events. Updated weekly, it is sometimes expositional and sometimes topical, but always biblical.

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Fall Conference Breakout Sessions

In recent episodes, we asked which of the breakout sessions from this year's Fall Conference you'd like to hear first. Email us at to let us know. Here's the list:

  • Six Vital Things to Consider Before Marriage
  • How to Stop Conflict Before It Happens: Cultivating Peace in a World of Drama
  • iPhone iDentity: Smartphone Use in a Tech-Saturated Age
  • Academic Faithfulness: Glorifying God By Doing Your Homework
  • Would Jesus Party?
  • Learning to Love the Local Church
  • loneliness
  • From Genesis to Revelation: Discovering Your Global Role in God’s Global Purpose
  • The Glory of God in Ezekiel 16: Rescue, Betrayal, and Redemption
  • Beholding God’s Beauty: Understanding Body Image and Food in Light of the Gospel
  • The Power of Listening: Using Your Ears to Win Peoples’ Hearts
  • Busy or Fruitful? Keeping the Main Thing the Main Thing
  • A Grief Observed: Walking with People through Trauma, Pain, and Deep Sadness
  • How Can I Know God’s Will for My Life? Making Decisions Shaped by Wisdom
  • Is the Gospel Green?
  • The Heart of Change