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Women’s Conference 2018

  • Doubling Gap Center 1550 Doubling Gap Road Newville, PA, 17241 United States (map)

Wouldn’t it be nice if we could take a break? A break from the nagging feeling that who we are isn’t good enough. From the good days that suddenly turn not so good. And from the friendships that don’t seem to be very friendly.

Let’s take a break together.

Come join women just like you from colleges across Pennsylvania to hear how we can be joyful, be thankful, and be united at the DiscipleMakers annual Women’s Conference.




I’m Better (or Worse) than You: How Comparisons Cultivate Complaining, Rob Us of Joy, and Destroy Unity

Maria Noyes

Have you ever found yourself looking at your friend and thinking “If only I could be like her I would feel so much better about myself”? Or maybe you’ve said to yourself “I am so much better than she is!”

If you can relate to either (or both) of these statements, this workshop is for you! 

This workshop will help you understand why comparisons are sinful, how comparisons damage our relationship with the Lord and others, and how the gospel helps us overcome even the most deep rooted comparisons we struggle with.


The Impact of a Life-giving Mother

Bonnie Dripps

Mothers have a profound and lasting impact on their children. In our culture, motherhood is devalued, children have become dispensable and counselors are working with the damaging consequences. This workshop will contrast this tragedy with God's beautiful vision and purpose for motherhood and his precious view of children. You will learn how the gift of motherhood actually teaches you about God himself, joins you with Christ in making disciples, and gives you the opportunity of having a historical and eternal impact. Because of Jesus, you can leave a profound legacy, even if you don't have physical children.


Obedience: The Path to True Joy

Megan Royes & Faith Thomas

“You can’t have your cake and eat it, too,” says the old adage. Many people feel this way about obedience and happiness—you either obey God’s law (and feel miserable), or you pursue personal happiness (and feel guilty). But must these two things—joy and law—be at odds? Do you really only get to pick one? The Bible actually says the opposite! True and lasting joy can only be found in our obedience to Christ. Join us as we discover the heart of God and the goal of His law—your joy depends on it!


What’s Love Got to Do with It? Living Out Gospel Unity

Sarah Evans & Becky Miller

We live in a world of diverse people. Understanding is hard and true unity is even harder. What hope do we have for bridging our differences? Join us as we look at what Scripture has to say about loving people who are different than us.


The Unity-Destroying Power of Anger

Carin Roberg

Anger is easy to see in other people. We’ve been hurt by it. But what about your own anger? What does it look like? Do you know how to recognize it? Is anger part of your personality that feels impossible to change? Let’s face it, anger has power to destroy unity. It cannot be ignored. But by God’s grace, there is a power at work that is greater than anger. Let’s confront our anger and hold fast to the One who has the power to change us. For His glory, for our good, and for the sake of unity.


Will I Be Single Forever? A Look at God’s Plan for Relationships

Heather Smartt & Tori Zbinden

So many of us come to college with the hope of finding the one. What do we do if that doesn’t happen? Or if we think we’ve found him, but it doesn’t work out? Are we doomed to a life of singleness? Can singleness even be a good thing?





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The cost of the conference is $125.

This covers materials, housing and meals (Friday snack through Sunday lunch). To reserve your spot at the conference, you must make a payment of at least $20 at the time of registration using a credit or debit card. You can pay the remaining balance:

  • online during the registration period,
  • by sending a check or cash by mail,
  • by paying when you arrive at the conference.

If sending payment by mail, please make checks payable to DiscipleMakers and write “Women's Conference" in the memo line. Please send your payment before the registration deadline (Friday, March 30th at 9:00pm). Mail your payment to the following address: DiscipleMakers, 365 Science Park Rd, State College, PA 16803

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