Instructions for giving to DiscipleMakers via your bank's bill-pay service.

You can send gifts to DiscipleMakers using your bank's bill-pay service. Unlike handwritten checks, we receive bill-pay gifts electronically which allows us to process them efficiently.

If you're not sure how to use your bank's bill-pay service, you may want to give by another method instead.

Every bank's bill-pay system is slightly different, but in general follow these Instructions (see also the sample screenshots):

Sample Add Biller Screenshot

Sample Add Automatic Payment Screenshot

  1. When you add the biller for your gift(s), use this information:
    365 Science Park Road
    State College, PA 16803
  2. When you are asked for your account number, enter your giving preference, e.g. “Joe Missionary.” If you prefer to split your gift(s) among multiple ministry funds, include the amount for each. For example, "Joe Missionary: 50, General Fund: 50." Abbreviate as necessary.
  3. Any note/memo field will not be passed along to us! Please use the account number field to indicate your giving preference.
  4. To give regularly to DiscipleMakers, look for a way to add an Automatic or Recurring Payment. See screenshot for a sample of how it looks in one bill-pay system.
  5. If this is the first time that you've donated to DiscipleMakers via bill-pay, please fill out the brief form below to give us advance notice of your bill-pay donation. That will ensure that we have enough information to properly process your donation.

Note: To save money and paper we will not automatically send a paper receipt in the mail after each bank bill-pay donation. Instead, we will send you an annual giving statement at the end of the year listing all of your gifts to DiscipleMakers. You can view printable receipts and annual giving statements at any time using our DiscipleMakers Giving History web app, or you can contact our headquarters to receive help.