1 Internship, 2 Options:

Campus and Headquarters

How are the two options similar?

  • Growing in your faith and the grace of Jesus as you tackle God-given opportunities to serve others
  • Living life with other student interns and staff
  • Doing a weekly in-depth Bible study & attending campus fellowship events
  • Investing deeply in each other and students while DM Staff pour into you

What's Different?

  • Campus Interns spend most of their time on campus, reaching out to students
  • Headquarters Interns spend about 2/3 of their time in the DM office, using their skills to help the ministry

Want to know a bit more about these options?  Check out Life as a Campus Intern and Life as an HQ Intern.

What to Expect...

If you are accepted to the internship, here's what you can expect before you start the summer:

  • Dec 30 - Dec 31, 2017 → The intern team will get together for the first time in State College to meet everyone and prepare for support raising.
  • Spring 2018 → With the help of your support raising mentor, you will work to raise funds to do the internship.

Here's a basic calendar of what you can expect for the summer:

  • Sat, June 9 → Internship Starts: Move to State College
  • Mon, June 10 - 15 → DiscipleMakers Summer Staff Conference
  • Sat, June 16 - 22 → Internship Orientation
  • Sun, June 24 → Outreach begins: PSU Summer Session starts
  • Sat, August 4 → Internship Ends

Support Raising

You might be thinking, I could see myself doing an internship with DiscipleMakers, but there is no way I'm raising support!"  You are not the first to feel this way.  By God's grace, all past prospective interns met the minimum goal.  If God wants you here, He will meet all your needs.

What does support raising look like?

Immediately following your acceptance to the program we will set in motion the support raising work.  Here are the big milestones:

  • Fri, Dec 1 → Support Raising Material sent to you
  • Fri, Jan 12 → Support letters mailed
  • Sat, Jan 20 → Calls and appeals begin
  • Mon, Apr 30 → Minimum support goal raised

Still have questions?  Download the Support Raising Fact Sheet.

Apply - Applications Were Due November 6, 2017

We are no longer accepting applications for the 2018 Summer DM Internship. If you have questions about DiscipleMakers’ 2018 summer internship, contact Lincoln Fitch. If you want to inquire about doing the internship in the future, contact Internship Director Matt Geiger. Thanks for your interest and may God bless your heart's desire to grow in your love for Him and see His kingdom expand!