Ricky & Chenea' Pfisterer

Campus Staff

We know everyone has a deep need for Christ, but this need is particularly evident in the college season of life. During college, I, Ricky, was deeply impacted and transformed as DiscipleMakers at Bloomsburg University equipped me with the tools I needed to mature and grow into a hungry disciple and leader for God’s Kingdom. An Arizona State graduate, Chenea’ put her faith in Christ during college after years of partying and partaking in that lifestyle.

Christ entered a sinful, broken world in order to seek and save the lost, and His gospel message has continued to transform hearts into disciples and lovers of God ever since. Both of our hearts beat to carry that same message to college students as we enter their world at Penn State and Penn State Altoona. It is such a privilege and blessing to be a part of such a transformational time in their lives and to battle alongside them as they live in a world that often seems to pull them anywhere but towards Christ.