Bob & Ashley Burns

Candidate Staff

We both accepted Christ as our Savior early in our teens. Bob felt the call the full-time ministry soon after he was saved, while Ashley didn’t realize her call until later in life. It was during our post-high school years that we each respectively experienced significant growth in our relationships with the Lord—Bob through the biblical teaching and discipleship offered by the School of Discipleship at Miracle Mountain Ranch, and Ashley through consistent fellowship and Bible studies with other Christians at Houghton College.

Once we were married, we became very involved in the ministries of our local church, but eventually began to feel that we wanted to do even more to further God’s Kingdom. We began seeking full-time ministry positions and discovered the wonderful ministry of DiscipleMakers.

We’re very excited to serve on staff with DiscipleMakers because we love seeing others grow in their relationships with the Lord and we know God will use this experience to help us grow closer to Himself as well!