Will & Liz Baublitz


Despite my upbringing in a Christian home, my start to college was hindered by heavy drinking and an unrelenting attitude of selfishness. I had a 'know it all' attitude about Christianity, and assumed that I already understood the Gospel, and everything it should mean for my life. How wrong I was! It wasn't until a party got busted and I was sent to the Hospital that I realized I was living in sin!

It was through the hard work of DiscipleMakers missionaries that God showed me the solution my sin: Jesus Christ. That realization is what God has used to change my life these last 3 years. He has put in me a great love of his Word, an understanding of his Gospel, and a genuine desire to go and make more disciples! DiscipleMakers reached me at a critical time in my life, and I am extremely excited to reach other students in the same way.