Applying to DiscipleMakers

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The missionary application process outlined below is designed to help DiscipleMakers discern whether you may be a good cultural fit for DiscipleMakers, and vice versa.

What we're looking for

We are looking for sincere, pervasive humility in every one of our missionaries. Our effectiveness as a ministry depends on the humble, teachable spirit of each of our missionaries, for “God opposes the proud, but gives grace to the humble" (1 Peter 1:5).

Additionally, we are looking for those who are actively living out our Core Values. The majority of the missionary application process is geared toward understanding how these Core Values play a role in applicants' lives.

The application process

DiscipleMakers has two application seasons per year, each with its own timeline for when applications are due and when subsequent events will take place.

The application asks questions about your knowledge and understanding of the Scriptures, your past ministry and professional experience, your church involvement, and basic biographical information. It also includes several essay questions. As an effort to protect the college students to whom we minister, we require a background check. Each application also requires a number of references, including pastoral, professional, peer, and DiscipleMakers staff references (when applicable). All references must be received by the application deadline; it is up to you to follow up with each reference and, if necessary, seek alternative individuals to complete the references in time.

Once an application deadline passes, DiscipleMakers’ Interview Team will select applicants to invite to the interview phase of the application process. Whom we invite to this next phase is restricted by (a) available interview time slots and (b) degree of cultural fit based on the application and references. Each applicant will receive a response regardless of whether he or she will proceed to the interview phase.

All interviews will take place on a set day at the DiscipleMakers Headquarters in State College, Pennsylvania. Each applicant will have four interviews: one on Bible study and discipleship, one on finances and fundraising, and two on relationships with Jesus, church, and other people.

All interviewees will receive a response within a week, which will include detailed feedback. Should you receive an offer at that time and accept the position, you will receive training materials to prepare for your first assignment—support raising—and be invited to attend our in-person support-raising training that will take place several weeks or months thereafter.

Note for married couples: DiscipleMakers requires that husband and wife work together on staff with DiscipleMakers. While the details vary for every couple, we expect both spouses to complete the missionary application and to participate in individual interviews. If your spouse isn’t interested in applying to DiscipleMakers, neither of you will be able to move forward in the application process.

Upcoming application timelines

Please note that dates below are subject to change.

The next SR training conference ("Launch") will take place June 27-29, 2018.

Fall 2018

If your application and references are received by October 26:

Interview invitations* will be sent by: November 5
Interviews will take place on: November 12 or 13
Job offers will be communicated by: November 19
Job offers must be accepted by: November 26
Your support raising training will take place on: TBD

* Submitting an application does not guarantee an interview.

Spring 2019

If your application and references are received by April 5:

Interview invitations* will be sent by: April 15
Interviews will take place on: April 22 or 23
Job offers will be communicated by: April 29
Job offers must be accepted by: May 6
Your support raising training will take place: June 26-29

* Submitting an application does not guarantee an interview.


Ready to apply? You can pause and resume your application at any time.

Have questions? Contact DiscipleMakers' Interview Director and he'll be happy to help you.